Whatsoever resemblance to any living or whosoever dead is purely INTENSENULL

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Buried Epistle

Someday in 2035

Dear Shera,
I breathe my last at the centre of Gir
Embossing on my arms the maiden letter
You will never get to read
As I go up in flames.
Your kingship stood for long the test of time
Set for all a paradigm but alas!
Outdone by the vicious human race
And they will, for centuries
Remain cursed for all the transgressions.
On this penultimate day to the apocalypse
I, the last of all floras
Stand witness to the wipeout of the species
That has, since time immemorial, nurtured this planet
Dispensing the vitals for everyone's existence.
For a fresh start, the greater good
[sobs] May the world soon come to peace. Amen! 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The girl from Dwarka

When she walked into the metro cab
The enticing fragrance spurt
Her plump hips were apparent  
And the voluptuous extent striking.  

I was standing by the door opposite
Cornered and busy in my thoughts
Deciding my preparedness
For the weekend test.

Her mom approached me
And asked to spare the corner
She was aged and looked tired
So I facilitated her comfort.

I threw a glance on the daughter
Profound eyes and fair skin
But she ogled as if alerting
‘Dare you not smile and accost back.’

I could read the unease
Her sneaking around, then letting go
Her hissing into her mom’s ear
And then twirling her cheek.

But I got to know
The tenderness that lay within
The infantile heart that lingered
Yearning a mature look.

I turned away for a while
Trying to find some distraction
Letting me go of her thought
But all invain and I flipsided again.

I wished to talk to her
Know her, care for her
But an announcement followed
And I had to deboard.

Still I can feel her aroma
Gaunt but fresh
Still I can feel her inveigle
Goading me to her exploration.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Who should we blame?

Lying on the pavement
There is a child crying for food
He was abandoned due to poverty
But there is no one to help him
And no one feels shame
Then who should we blame?

Participating in a rally
There is a youth in his 20's
He earns for his old-aged parents
Some miscreants herald a hoax
In the stampede, he goes lame
Then who should we blame?

In his office at Janpath
There is a politician asking for bribe
Audacious enough but heedless though
That he is on a sting show
Yet he is a personality with fame
Then who should we blame?

Lying on the roadside for several days
There is a dead body
A policeman is standing near-by
Offhanded with his duty, smoking in vain
And there are no relatives in the frame
Then who should we blame?

On the border
There is a soldier fighting for his country
Day and night he escapes death
And one day he is shot
For he misses the target, his aim
Then who should we blame?

Fighting over a piece of land
Where once stood a monument
There are Hindus and Muslims
Those were politicians who stirred them up
And when there is no Gandhi to stop them
Then who should we blame?

Watching a movie
There is a lady in her 30's
Thieves burgle in the house and tie her down
Those morons loot and escape
And she is harassed on filing an FIR for claim
Then who should we blame?

Do not be numb now
Speak, share, blog
Who do you blame?