Whatsoever resemblance to any living or whosoever dead is purely INTENSENULL

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Buried Epistle

Someday in 2035

Dear Shera,
I breathe my last at the centre of Gir
Embossing on my arms the maiden letter
You will never get to read
As I go up in flames.
Your kingship stood for long the test of time
Set for all a paradigm but alas!
Outdone by the vicious human race
And they will, for centuries
Remain cursed for all the transgressions.
On this penultimate day to the apocalypse
I, the last of all floras
Stand witness to the wipeout of the species
That has, since time immemorial, nurtured this planet
Dispensing the vitals for everyone's existence.
For a fresh start, the greater good
[sobs] May the world soon come to peace. Amen!